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Saudi Gazette - Moudhi riding on a donkey

Denied the right to drive a car or even ride a bicycle a Saudi woman resorts to riding a donkey.

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Moudhi riding on a donkey
By Abdullah Nasser Al-Fouzan

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» Can This Be True? Okay, Ladies, you know what to do. | Robyn Graves posted...
Can this story really be true? It's too wonderful to be true. If it's true than I sincerely recommend that the Ladies of Saudi Arabia seriously consider investing in a donkey, horse, or camel and start travelling this way. It won't be very long before driver's licenses will be given. This is a brilliant protest. Such ingenuity can only be a harbinger of real change.

» More Like Moudhi - Please | Johaar posted...

Dear Moudhi, I applaud you. The ridiculous and chauvanistic attitudes of the authorities need to be exposed for all to see. Clearly they do not see that they are the laughing stock of this entire region with their outmoded ideas.

Given the way the Saudi men drive, the roads might in any case be safer with women behind the wheel. So more ladies like brave Moudhi please.

» Excellent! | Lamees posted...

Saudi Arabia needs more women like her!

» Joha would be proud! | Robyn Graves posted...

During my years in Saudi Arabia I've heard again and again about Joha and his stories which teach a lesson...just as Aesop's fables that I grew up with. It's fantastic that this story was published on April 1st. For while the day may slip by to Gulf Arabs...for those of us from Western Culture... It's a day for pulling pranks on our friends...all connected to a "once upon a time" change to our calendar. This is absolutely the best argument for women's right to drive you'll ever see.Well Done

» | Mohammed Abdul Hadi Chowdhury posted...

Is it true? I really don't believe. "A change never comes without A bold step". Well done Moudhi!!

» Fake | Sultan posted...

what a made up story

» Men are afraid of the truth. | Andre posted...

Of course women should not drive, if a woman had a permit to drive, a bike, a car, a bus or truck, then the men would be force to realize women drive better, and men are bad driver.

» Date? | Anon. posted...

When was this article published,and is the author aware of the dates that the events took place? I'd like to know how recent this was.

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