Saturday, January 23, 2010

Free Abbas Khalili Dermanaki (tx, RS)

This is the statement of some Iranian writers and artists who are declaring their support for freedom of Iranian critic and essayist Abbas Khalil Dermanaki.

Free Abbas Khalili Dermanaki

"With emphasis on unity, concurrence, and solidarity of the Iranian literary society, intellectuals and literary figures inside and outside of Iran, this petition aims to direct global attention to atrocities and the violent and inhumane conducts that have violated Iranian people's full individual and civil rights. These calamities have not solely affected political activists and the brave and freedom-seeking students, but currently extended to several dignified and peaceful Iranian writers. Many of our intellectual and literary colleagues are currently in prisons under gruesome conditions while the Iranian literary society and their families have no information about reasons for their arrests, ensuing legal procedures, and their physical and emotional well-being. (Abbas khalil Dermanaki)Khalil Dermanaki is one of such detainees, a writer and literary critic who has been arrested since December 27, 2009 pursuant to the events triggered by the Ashoora demonstrations in Iran and has been in Evin prison since. Due to what sin? which crime?"

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