Monday, December 14, 2009

Haredi joke

Mark Ginsburg's comment on my article NY Jewish events: sex, Tamiflu, and Sephardic music: A young couple go to their rabbi for instruction. The young man addresses the rabbi: ‘Well, Rabbi, I know that in our sect, after the ceremony when there is music and dancing, it is customary for the men to dance with the men, and the women to dance with the women. But this, after all, the 21st century — a new, enlightened age — and I would like your permission to be able to dance with my wife.” The rabbi responds: “No, no, no! It is immodest for the man to dance with a woman.” So he asks the rabbi, hesitantly, “Well, I suppose that after marriage is it okay have sex?” The rabbi quickly respondis: “Of course! It is a mitsvah (a blessing). To have children.” The young man asks “Any position?” The rabbi responds: “Yes!” The young man asks: “And can we use whips and chains?" The rabbi answers: “Of course!" "Can we do it standing up?” “NO!” says the rabbi, "it might lead to dancing!"

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