Wednesday, March 10, 2010

back to the old powerbook for a week or so

I'm at the SOHO Apple Store where I just dropped off our sick Macbook; fortunately it's still under Apple Care's extended warranty. They can't fix in in-house so they're sending it out for repair, and we should get it back in a week or so. Shoshana and I are a one computer family again, and that one computer is our 4 year old slow poke Powerbook. At least I have an excuse to postpone starting our tax return. It's also lucky that the Macbook chose to get sick after I emailed my book review to my editor Tuesday and that I have a good novel to read (which I will review when I finish reading it in several weeks).

Now back to Brooklyn to pick up our car with new rear brake pads, rotors and caliphers (the things that push the break pads into place when one applies the brakes). Last week we bought new tires and the urgency of the brake problem was brought to our attention. We declined to do the brake job at the tire shop, and after a bit of comparison shopping our garage guy Gus turned out to have the lowest price for the job, $200 less than what Midas charges. After I pick up the car I'll head to Midwood or Boro Park to do our Pesach shopping.

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