Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Tri-Variable Personality Test

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The Eccentric

You scored 55Artist, 30 Philosopher, 15 Scientist!

You live in a world of vast abstraction and color. You are hardly interested in the mechanics of real life; you are preoccupied with the substance of existence (the story and narrative, the symbolism), and the form and shape which life itself takes. You mix the mystical with the rational, like St. Thomas Aquinas, you find inroads between the sublime and the tangible ... you might have a propensity to let yourself go, though, in different ways. Everyday chores and responsibilities are not high on your list of passions; neither is any kind of "daily ritual" most likely. Your ideal work involves something that combines a medium for self expression (such as writing), with the inherent rationality and inquisitiveness of your philosophical side. You are very youthful in your demeanor.

You are a true representative of modern culture and society; with its shifts toward new systems of spirituality which combine ancient mysticism with classic reason. You are not preoccupied with wealth most likely.

Examples of Eccentrics: Timothy Leary, Stanley Kubrick, Socrates.

Quotes from "Eccentrics": "I am a little unusual, a little different and very unique."

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